Five musicians, all hailing from Northeast Ohio and all having played in various popular 80's original and cover bands, have come together to form ROCK BRIGADE: A tribute to the sights and sounds of DEF LEPPARD.

A ROCK BRIGADE show will bring "The Def Leppard Experience" back to those who had Def Leppard posters on their bedroom walls and it will introduce the music to those not fortunate enough to have experienced it firsthand.

ROCK BRIGADE performs Def Leppard's most popular music, focusing on the PYROMANIA (1983) and HYSTERIA (1987) era, while not ignoring the band's later contemporary material (EUPHORIA 1999), and paying homage to its earlier Heavy Metal roots (HIGH-N-DRY 1981).

ROCK BRIGADE prides itself on its dual-guitar attack, multi-part live harmony vocals, and MTV video reminiscent stage moves. Currently, the band has adopted Def Leppard's most identifiable look of its PYROMANIA days, but are known to dress in HYSTERIA attire for a second set.

The group's name ROCK BRIGADE comes from the title of a song off of Def Leppard's first studio album
ON THROUGH THE NIGHT (1980). The lyrics describe a rock-n-roll band on tour, army style, leveling an enemy town. The mission of these rock-soldiers from Ohio is to invade as many towns as possible with this music. Therefore, this moniker fits!

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